Diego and Andrés are two Ecuadorian siblings that grew up in the heart of Corona, a densely populated neighborhood in Queens mainly composed of Latinos. Despite their differences, both Diego and Andrés share an urge to leave their home. When one of them comes back home with some suspicious rings, the tensions in the family increase and lead them to make life-changing decisions.

2022 Tribeca Festival - World Premiere
2022 Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito - International Premiere
2022 Festival Internacional de Cine de Guayaquil
2022 Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival - Caribbean Premiere

Isaías Badilla, Sol León, Nabil Tawil, Liliana Serrano-Fernández, Josué Caraballo
Written and Directed by Emilio Subía.       Produced by Nico Tepper and Emilio Subía.       Cinematographer Nico Tepper.       Editor Adrián Kader.   Production Design by Charlie Turner.         Sound Design and Mixing by Isaac Matus.         Music by Acacia Baileyana, aka-Sol, Harrison Sayed.    Shot on Kodak 16mm film in October-November 2020
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