Maria and Isabel recycle where there's no recycling system. Maria fights for basic labor rights. Isabel pushes her daughters. They wander the streets with the recycling material on their backs for a better future for them and the city.
2023 Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara - World Premiere / Best Socio-Environmental Film Award
2023 Encuentros del Otro Cine (EDOC)
2023 Festival Internacional de Cine de la Provincia de Buenos Aires - Jury's Special Mention
2023 Festival WITH Medios y Arte Para el Cambio
2023 Festival de Cine Kunturñawi - Award for Best Director / Award for Best Cinematography
2023 Festival Internacional de Cine Viña del Mar (FICViña) - Audience Award for Best Documentary
Directed by Paola Rodas.       Produced by Lucía Romero.       Cinematographer Emilio Subía and Paula Vera.       Editor Lucía Romero.       Sound Emil Plonski.          Production Company Alquimia Audiovisual.
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